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Why change path and routine?


Life is changing and so is our path. Once you have decided to become a person who works, lives, and does what you really want but still feel that something is missing. The everyday joy, freedom of choice and excitement, then you might need to rethink, recalculate and feel yourselves again. Fia Mineur @boost_by_fia is one of our #OMprotected ambassadors who from the start of our product releases loved the simple but also obvious idea of having a specific insole to a specific activity from the beginning. Fia is an inspiring woman with the background of being a really driven CMO within the health and beauty sphere, but from 2018 have started her own business in order to feel the joy of life. We met her to dig deeper into the importance of doing what you like in order to feel good physically and mentally. 

What are you doing/working with now?

After quitting the marketing director position, I had a year off to understand that I’m actually a doer by nature. I’m not that person who visits millions of conferences and listens to millions of presentations. I wanna do the real things! Therefore, I decided to open my own business, and now I have two lines of work that make my heart pound with passion and love. The first is marketing consulting, and the second is within the training sphere. I have cherished a dream to connect my life with training and be of service within it for 15 years. And now my big dream came true: I offer personal training, boost camps, not boot, haha! I have my own webshop with different workout stuff. Due to the Coronatime, I’ve opened my own studio where I offer one-on-one completely safe training. That’s because I’m a doer. 

How does it feel to inspire others to an active lifestyle?
I’m really into training and a sustainable lifestyle. I don’t believe in diets and I’m convinced that you can live a pretty good life eating the food that you like and training how much you want. I’m so happy that I can help other people start thinking of life in the way I do and help them achieve a sustainable life easier. 

So, about the feeling — it gives me goosebumps, haha. Most women’s main goal is to lose weight. And I say, “Of course, you can lose weight, but it happens in your kitchen, not in my gym. In my gym, I’ll help you build self-confidence from inside out to make you stronger and proud of yourself. Then I will help you with your diet, but do everything as simple as possible.” 

Which sports/activities are you performing?
I think I’ve tried everything haha! But if I had to choose the main physical activities in my life, it would be the gym, outdoor running, cross-fit, skiing. 

What’s your vision of being an entrepreneur?
Creating my own business is the best thing I’ve done so far, but it’s also the toughest challenge in my life. When you have an idea, there is only YOU who has to implement it, nobody is around to help you actually move forward. In the beginning, you’re your own administrator, manager, and assistant. But, on another hand, being an entrepreneur is an incredible way to self-development. I think I would never go back to being employed again. 

How do the OM products support you in your life?
I’m using your insoles in every single shoe I have. I simply take them out and put in the other ones, therefore, they support me every step of my way. I’m using the OM insoles when I’m running, training in the gym, or simply walking. The thing is that I’m extremely proud to be a part of your movement! I love talking about it and using your products.


Being a mother of 2 and now an entrepreneur - how do you manage it? 
When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re able to control your time as you desire. I always have free time while working. That’s a real thing that helps me to manage all the mom and business stuff. If I want to be with my kids, I’m with my kids. 

What’s the most important thing about having OM insoles for your children?
Due to the fact that shoes these days are pretty flat, I’m happy that I can offer my children healthier feet in the future. Using Ortho Movement insoles is a kind of a guarantee that reduce the risk of future feet issues when they become adults.

We thank Fia a lot for such an amazing interview and want to add that there is nothing more important than loving your life and celebrating it each day. Everybody can change the lifestyle that doesn’t satisfy them and doesn’t bring joy. We just have to learn to see the opportunities life brings us. And believe us, it does it! Do beyond fear, as Fia Mineur, and everything will be simply amazing!


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