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The silence of running


We bet there are millions of people around the world who run. For some of them, running is awesome cardio that burns a lot of calories and helps lose weight faster. Some are professional runners who thirst for winning the Olympic Games and train hard every day to achieve their goals. But for Amica Woo @amicawoo, an interior designer from Thailand, running is a way to spend time with herself, enjoy the silence inside her, and completely relax. It may sound strange, right? Running is an active sport that requires a lot of effort and revs your heart rate. Yet, apparently, it’s not only about training and losing excess fat. It’s also about inspiration, meditation, and inner balance, which is sometimes so hard to achieve.

We decided to ask Amica a few questions about her active lifestyle and pure love for running. Enjoy!

What’s your goal behind running?
I like to set a simple goal when I run. I set a certain time duration and then I try to run the whole duration without walking or stopping. If I can complete a certain distance, let’s say 5km in 30 mins, then that’s a bonus. 

What’s the best of being a runner?
Being a runner is the best way for me to really spend time with myself, stress-free, and worry-free. All I need is a good pair of shoes and insoles, then I’m ready to go. Simple as that. 

How did you choose this activity? What motivated you when you were choosing it?
It all started around 4-5 years ago when I really didn’t know much about exercise. All I knew was that I wanted to start exercise regularly and at the time all I had was just a pair of sneakers. Running requires no fancy equipment and can basically be done anywhere. So I think that is how I started running.

What physical training do you need to become a runner?
I find strength training and yoga help a lot in performing a better run. Strength training improves my overall muscle performance and yoga really helps with muscle recovery. 

What does the joy of movement mean for you?
Maybe it’s the moment when I really feel happy and relax even though my body is working really hard moving around here and there. 

Can you describe your feelings when you run at full speed?
It’s the moment where my head is just in a completely clear state. All stress and worries just seem to disappear.  

How do our products support you in your work? 
The OM running insoles are the real game-changer. The load absorption shape of the insoles provides a super nice relief to the feet. I can easily run longer wearing the insoles. 

How are you using our activity insoles for these activities?
I replaced my existing insoles from my running shoes with the OM running insoles. The OM insoles have been my staple running insoles ever since I had them.

How do you combine running and being an interior designer? 
Running is a great way to clear my head out whenever I got stuck doing my design work. I always find time to get out of the desk and do a quick running around when I need to get a fresh idea for the design project.

What would you recommend to the people who are going to take up running?
Pick a nice pair of shoes and you are good to go. There is no right or wrong about running. Run naturally and trust your feet, they know what to do ;) 

Amica, thanks for your time and such amazing answers. We are extremely happy that our products aid you in running longer and, therefore, achieving new goals. We hope that our readers also got inspired by this interview, and perhaps there will be more running lovers in the world afterward!


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