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"How the jump rope makes me happy.."


We often relate jump roping to the “boxers beloved training tool” which of course it is and from the Rocky movies, but lately, due to social media, it has become an active sub sport whereas people online show their practice, skills and how they develop. Helen Petrovna @helenpetrovnaskips, became the ambassador of the month, in December 2020 due to her incredible skills that were just breathtaking(!) She has shown how easy it is to become active, no matter where, especially due to the pandemic that we, unfortunately, live in. A rope, a pair of shoes, the right insoles of course and you are good to go. Helen is a professional musicals artist as well where she sings, dances and roller skates, often simultaneously! We wanted to hear her perspective of being a jump roper influencer.

What’s your goal behind the jump rope?
I like to always be in such a state of fitness when I can enjoy the rest of my day, my life, and eat food that I like without overthinking. The jump rope tones all of your muscles and is great cardio training. I know that if I do it every day, I take care of so many important aspects of my health. That’s my goal.   

What’s the best thing about being a rope jumper?
The best thing is that 10 minutes of jumping rope have the same impact as running for 30 minutes. Thanks to the intensity you can achieve the desired results and the number of burned calories in such a short time. Even if you don’t have much time during the day, you can always get into the workout and that’s great!

How did you choose this activity? What motivated you when you were choosing it?
Actually, I had to learn it for a musical as I’m a dancer. So, I got cast, and the character that I played had to jump rope and sing at the same time. And then because of that, I became obsessed with the jump rope and fell in love with it as a sport.

How many times can you jump the rope in 30 seconds?
85-100 times. 

Can you describe your feelings when you do all the tricks without making a mistake?
Do you remember the sports competitions at school? It’s a little bit like that feeling: it makes you feel like a child again haha! What’s more, it’s such a lovely feeling because it’s not just your body that gets something right, it’s your brain that gets something right at the same time. It’s definitely stimulating.

How did you achieve such incredible results? How long did you train?
I train for about half an hour every day, I think. Now, I’m doing 100 days of jump rope, and the amount you can learn during this time is incredible. Sometimes, when you watch various videos of people doing jump ropes, it may look really complicated. YET, actually, anybody at any age can achieve these skills as long as they do a little bit every day. Practice makes perfection, you know.

How do our products support you in your work? 
Well, I have very flat feet which is a problem for me as a dancer as well. I used to have plantar fasciitis in my feet and suffered from that. Having arch support of the insoles means that I’m lending in the correct position. I also used to get hip pain as my feet weren’t able to absorb the shock and, therefore, redistributed it to hips and knees. But now, thanks to the Ortho Movement insoles, every time I lend they support my knees, hips and lower back just because my feet are where they should be.   


How are you using our activity insoles for these activities?
What I like about Ortho Movement is that they have different types of insoles depending on the activity. For example, I would probably use the running insoles in my roller skates. But I would use sport insoles in my training as they take more impact and give control. And I use outdoor insoles in my working days as I know that I always walk correctly and provide warmth now during cold weather. 

What would you recommend to the people who are going to take up the jump rope?
Get yourself a nice skipping rope — either a beaded or freestyle one — and simply watch lots of videos online, which are absolutely for free. Master 5 basic moves, and from them, you could learn everything. Nowadays, you can learn from so many different people. All you need is your desire and motivation. 

As you can see, anybody can take up the jump rope. Helen Petrovna proves it and masters her skills every single day. Basically, her plan is perfect for anything you start doing: take little steps towards your goal and soon you’ll enjoy the desired results. And the right insoles will help you stay healthy and provide the comfort you need to conquer your own summits. 



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