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The joy of fencing


Fencing is one of the world's most heritage sports since the 17 century and is still today a sport that is exercised by a lot of people worldwide. Fencing has a very special movement pattern with a lot of small steps back and forth and larger leaps forward. Every step needs to be very calculated in order to keep the right distance from the competitor. 21-year-old Laeticia  Jorgensen @laeticiajorgensen has been a fencer for the last 14 years and now she fences in the Danish national team for women as well as in the local club. We wanted to know and learn more about fencing and why she loves this quite a unique sport.

What’s your goal behind fencing?
My goal is the Olympic Games. Whether it’s gonna be in 2021 or in 2024, I don’t know yet. Big goal, you know (laughing).

What’s the best thing about being a fencer?
If you fence on a high level, that’s because you really love this sport. In the beginning, it’s definitely not a matter of money, just your dedication and pure passion. If you want to become professional and actually earn money, you have to be either one of the millions or from countries like the USA. I love fencing for its magical combination of being elegant and brutal at the same time. When you see someone in front of you and basically have to “kill” them, it’s so emotional and competitive.

But I love fencing for everything fencing is. It gets called a form of physical chess because of how strategic it is. Fencing needs everything from you: your physical strength, your strategy and your mental power! An elegant sport with so many facets. 

What motivated you to start fencing?
I have two brothers who are 10 and 8 years older than me. I actually started because of them as they have been fencing since they were 6 and 8 (at that time I wasn’t even born). It was kinda normal and obvious that I would try this sport. Then I fell for it, and that’s how everything started. 

Can you describe your feelings when you win the competition?
It’s really like nothing else! My whole body is filled with heat after winning. When you take part in a competition, you’re fencing the whole day starting from 8 o’clock and finishing at 6. 10 hours of complete tension make you exhausted and emotionally drained. But it just feels amazing! You feel it’s your goal and you’re going somewhere, you know? This is exactly WHY you train so hard every single day.  

How often do you train?
I’m training 6 days a week almost for 14 years. Twice a week I have two training a day.

Does it hurt when your rival hits you?
At first, yeah! It hurts, and you have a looot of bruises. But then you just get used to it and improve your technique. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt that much. However, I still have bruises every week, I just don’t feel them haha

How do our products support you in your work? 
Our sport is very impactful, so the heels suffer a lot. Before I joined the Ortho Movement, I had silicone stuff just for the heel, but apparently, it wasn’t enough. I needed special insoles for my feet which were quite expensive. However, the therapist told me that my foot is completely normal yet I still got them because I was already there with an aim to buy some insoles. After that, I randomly met you guys and tried your products, which are simply amazing and last obviously longer than any other insoles I’ve tried! I was so thrilled and happy that I started using them for every single training. I use them more than I use normal shoes haha. 

How are you using our activity insoles for these activities?
Every time I run, I use running insoles. And also I use sneaker insoles in my sneakers. 

What would you recommend to the people who are going to take up the fencing?
Enjoy the fact that it’s physically hard yet so fun to be able to fight people. It’s a martial arts, but here you don’t have to hit your rival with your fists — the weapon does it haha. Enjoy such an amazing alternative exercise that burns A LOT of calories. It’s not running or doing push-ups, it’s something completely different that can bring you a lot of joy. And just like any sports I guess, the more you dedicate yourself to it and train, the more you’re going to find in the treasure box.

Sport can be different. An active lifestyle can be thrilling, fascinating, and filled with emotions. You just need to look around and choose something you would fall for from the very first training. And then you may want to devote a lot of years to it as Laeticia Jorgensen did to fencing. We are so thankful for such a fun interview! Fencing is really a unique sport worth your attention that perfectly blows off the steam. 

Laeticia, we truly hope you’ll achieve your goal and win the Olympic Games! Wish you luck and power! 


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