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I enjoy the simplicity of Running


Arina @arinarunning is one of those women who are deeply in love with what they are doing. Being a mom of 4 and former 200 m sprinter, she devoted all her life to running and still admires this sport. Her story is extremely interesting and motivating, so we decided to interview her to share it with you. Take popcorn, because it will take more than 3 minutes. After reading, you’ll want to rethink it again and perhaps take up running. So, don’t forget popcorn and a new pair of running insoles. 

What’s your goal behind running?
Besides the obvious health benefits that come along with running, I’ve always had an inner drive to challenge myself to do better. I’m motivated by progress.

When it comes to the goals, it’s increasing my ability to run faster, longer, pushing myself, and managing harder obstacles (OCR race). You know, it feels simply amazing to reach and set new goals and being able to keep doing it. In 2021, I aim to crush half marathon PB and I’m all in training for my first marathon. I’m also thinking about taking on an ultra marathon.

What’s the best of being a runner?
The sense of freedom it gives me. I enjoy the simplicity of the sport — all you have to do is to lace up and step out the door. The running community is a melting pot of fantastic people who all share the same passion and support one another. That gives me such a boost.

 I love running in new settings, discovering beautiful and interesting places. When I travel to a new city, abroad or at home, one of the first things I do is lace up. There is no better way to explore and feel connected to a new place, than by running on its streets, hills, and seaside.

How did you choose this activity? What motivated you when you were choosing it?
My ”life in sport” begun when I was 3 and my mom took me to the dancing classes. Soon I also got into track and fields but we had to move to another country. As soon as we landed in Saudi Arabia I couldn’t wait to join the local team. The familiar feeling of the tracks beneath my feet, having a coach and teammates always made me feel at home in just a few days. It took a while until I started to fully appreciate the competitive side of the sport. The first one was a 60 meters race, and standing at top of the winner’s stand....that feeling... I wanted more! Running was my passion for several years and I even won a couple of Swedish national championship gold medals. It all ended quite abruptly when I broke my foot during a race.

4 years ago I found it again. My brother signed me up for an OCR race. These last four years I have run loads of half marathons all over the world and I’m now in training for my first marathon. I’m still grateful to my brother who made me find my way back to the lustful feeling of standing at the starting line and gave me everything to cross that finish line faster than I did last time.

What physical training do you need to become a runner?
A run/walk combination can be a good start. You can alternate between intervals of running and walking. Gradually increasing your run time and decreasing your walk

Time. In order to prevent injuries and excel at running, it’s important to keep your body strong. Overall, one of the best things you can do to become a better runner is to ensure you incorporate strength training exercises into your routine. But. Keep. It. Simple. Maybe a few lunges and squats is a good start?

Can you describe your feelings when you run at full speed?
I’m a former 200 m sprinter so I love running at full speed. It gives me a sense of freedom and sometimes when racing, it even feels like I’m flying as I’m leaving my competitors behind. Nowadays when I run fast, doing repeats or intervals, it often evokes vivid memories of my track time and I can reminisce about those amazing feelings it brought me.

How do our products support you in your work? 
I always wear the Running Insoles when running. They are comfortable, supportive, easy to use and work equally well if I run 2 or 20km. I alternate between about 5 different pairs of shoe models in my training routine, and I have soles in all of them. They make difference no matter if I do trail runs, urban runs, hills repeats, or indoor interval sessions on a treadmill. 

I haven’t had any problems with my sensitive achilleas since switching to the activity insoles.


How do you combine running and being a mom of 4? 
Finding the balance between work, life and running is a recurring problem for all runners with only so many hours in a day. Time management and planning is the only way to find enough time between driving the kids to classes and activities and family social life. It’s a good thing that you can just bring your shoes and have a good run while the during the daughters’ gymnastics classes.

I also work from my home since Covid struck, which makes it a lot easier to fit a running session between web meetings.
In March when all races and competitions got postponed or canceled due to Covid-19, we organized our very own family OCR race, at our country house. It was so fun, engaging the whole family, preparing and making bibs and medals. And of course, we had a winners ceremony. Guess who won?

What would you recommend to the people who are going to take up running?
Anybody can be a runner. It’s just a matter of slowly building up your endurance and technique over time. Start slow. Run at whatever pace you feel like from day to day. Running should not be ”a race” (if you are not in an actual race ;)), so don’t get discouraged whenever someone passes you on the running trail.

If you embrace that idea it will help you focus more on running for fun, instead of running in a way you think you have to. Try to run with a friend or get yourself a running buddy or even join a running club/group. It’s always easier to go for a run if you have a running date. Don’t be shy! The running community is all about helping people.

Let’s be honest here: do you wanna buy the new running insoles now? Haha, because we wanted to! We are really grateful to Arina for such amazing answers! Reading them is a pleasure that touches the soul and mind. We wish you the power to continue preparation for your first marathon and we’re convinced you’ll do it!


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