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How CrossFit became a life changer


Kristian’s @crossfitmbrown story is something unreal! It’s about faith, determination, and belief in yourself. Can sport change your life? Can it turn dark shades into colorful days and leave an amazing aftertaste that inspires to get out of the bed every single day and enjoy your life? Can it actually save your life? YES! We highly recommend reading this interview as it makes real goosebumps on your skin! Read it and see for yourself!

When have you started CrossFit?
When I was younger, I was playing soccer and other sports where I took part in various competitions and, what’s more, got paid for that. Yet at that time, it was popular and “cool” to get drunk, smoke weed, and stuff like that. So, actually, I started drinking when I was 18 and it turned into my killing habit — I became an alcoholic. In a while, I realized that such a lifestyle will not lead to anything good and I decided to join the AA meetings to change my life. Everything promised to get better yet the meetings didn’t help me and I was confused about my life. 

“What should I do?”, I asked myself this question so many times until I decided to go to the gym. I wasn’t training there, just talked to the people who looked so alive, fresh, healthy, and HAPPY. 

Then, a friend of mine gave me the advice to try basic fitness movements. Firstly I thought, “What a crazy idea, NO”. A bit later, I decided to give it a shot and you know what? I fell head over heels for it! Do you think I stopped drinking? No, I still did it but a bit less. 

Then, another friend told me, “You need to try CrossFit”. And I was like, “No, I don’t wanna try CrossFit”. But then I decided to give it a shot as well haha! After the first training I felt so bad yet it has changed something in my mind! I realised there is something way better than alcohol! 

Why did you choose exactly this activity?
It was exactly the CrossFit that changed my opinion about the lifestyle I had. Thanks to this sport, I quitted drinking and started improving my body… and my overall mindset. 

Firstly, I literally threw myself into CrossFit: I trained 7 days a week with no rest at all. Obviously, it was not good for my body, I felt completely exhausted. At the same time, I was visiting the AA meetings and, thus, I had to make a choice: CrossFit or the AA meeting. I opted for the first option as sport became my best therapy! 

Now, I’ve been doing CrossFit for 9 years. And I’m sober for 9 years. I found the way out and the name to it is CrossFit. What’s how I chose this sport that now it is a part of me.   

How often do you train now? 
Now, I’m not only training, I train younger people as well. But my 7-day training turned into 5-day training with 2 days of rest. 

Why did you choose sport over AA meetings as your therapy? 
For some people, the AA meetings are a really helpful thing that changes their lives. For me, it was too boring. CrossFit is a way more interesting, engaging, and filled with crazy emotions. I’m not saying that AA meetings are bad or ineffective, they are simply not for me. 

I’ve always been open about my alcoholism and didn’t try to hide it. Thanks to this openness, I’ve found a lot of new beautiful friends in the gym that supported me better than anyone could before.

Name three things you love about CrossFit
People. The community is insane: they don’t judge you for your skin color, religion, or for your past… In CrossFit, we are all the same and it’s amazing! 

You get healthy (physically and mentally) when doing Crossfit. Everybody can do CrossFit. Of course, you can’t be good at everything, but it’s even better. Some things you do awesome, some things a bit worse — it boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem as everybody is equal.

It’s a perfect therapy. It’s not only about CrossFit, all sports are a good therapy. If you have a bad day, you simply enter the gym doors and let all your bad emotions fly away. 

What is the best in training other people?
I’ve always been working with people. Now, I’m working in college because I feel I’m good at working with children. I love to see how younger guys are not only sitting in front of their screen but have an active lifestyle. And I deeply love to be a part of it, to teach them, guide when necessary. It feels like my big life’s mission. 

How do our products support you in your work?
As I mentioned before, I work in school so it’s a lot of walking all the time. The OM insoles are so good for my back and make me feel very comfortable. They literally make my working day easier so I can train my students with a way more enthusiasm! 


What other OM insoles do you use?
When I'm at work, I use sneakers insoles. And when I do CrossFit, I use sports insoles.

Your recommendation to the people who are gonna take up CrossFit
Don’t rush anything — it takes time to become good at CrossFit. Yet with determination and desire, you’ll definitely achieve your goal. And don’t forget, CrossFit saved my life. This sport is magical. 

Kristian, your story is a pure source of inspiration, and we are deeply grateful that you shared it with our reader! We are extremely happy that you did it: you changed your life and showed all of us that if you truly want something, you’ll definitely achieve it! We wish you all the best in your life and hope that our products will continue making your active lifestyle easier and super comfortable. 


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