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Padel Insole 46

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Padel Insole 46

Padel has become one of the most played sports the last years, a sports that brings loads of fun and smiles to the community.

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Padel has become one of the most played sports the last years, a sports that brings loads of fun and smiles to the community. However, in our perspective, it’s a relative complex sport with a movement and pressure pattern that puts high demand on our bodies. We believe in the joy of movement as well as that our feet are the wheels of our body. In every stance, jump and sprint there is a high activity within our feet’s muscles, ligaments, joints and bones. Driving our body forwards, backwards, sideways, up and down, this during the long run will have an impact on our body. We’ve therefore, crafted a Padel Insole, an insoles that is adapt to counteract these forces and embrace the movement and motion pattern while playing padel. The purpose of Padel Insole is to reduce the pressure on players muscles and joints to then create better conditions for anyone who loves to play padel or any other racket sport, regardless if you are an occasional or professional athlete.

The top cover is reinforced with an extra durable textile in order to keep surface long-lasting as well as minimizing the risk of chafing and blisters.

After many feet scans we have genereated an unique insole shape. The longitudinal and medial footrest support is uniquely designed to fit as many feet type as possible.

The anatomical heel cup distributes pressure under the heel, reducing the load by contracting the heel's fat pad and reinforcing its natural function.

The blue honeycomb material is made of high bounce E.V.A that provide shock absorption with high energy return. Perfect while playing padel always being ready on your forefoots. It also maximize the lightness of the insoles and makes the air flow more efficient in the shoe.

The black E.V.A material is dynamic and ’living’, meaning it’s not stiff ’dead plastic’ but hard enough to provide the extra needed support during the padel sports complex movements and being shock absorbing simultaneously. It also reduces rotational forces.

The 3 barriers at the two longitudinal foot arches increase the arch’s natural function and stability of your motion patterns at each step. It corrects your feet in the stance, giving stability in your bandejas and smashes.

Cut along the edge to required size. Tip: Use original insole as template.

Remove the existing insoles from your padel shoes. Place your new Padel Insoles in your shoes to make sure the size is correct. If necessary, trim your new Padel Insoles with scissors if they don’t fit. Tip: Use your original insoles as a template! Gradually increase the use of your new Padel Insoles because there may be new load patterns on your body.

The product is not resistant to high temperatures. You can use lukewarm water and soap for cleaning. Dry at room temperature. Do not wash in a washing machine. LIFE SPAN: Replace your soles after 6-12 months or when they are showing signs that they are worn out.

A simple pair of insoles provide better support for your feet during movement, and reduce empty space, ensuring less motion. The result? An increased feeling of foot control and stability during the padel player’s motion on court.

While playing padel you have an increased pressure up to 6-8 times your bodyweight with divided directions over the court. The Padel Insole adapts to this movement pattern and aligns the body’s movement to enhance this motion. By straightening up the foot with its anatomical heel cup, arch barriers and support, the foot will land in a good biomechanical strike with every step.

Additional to the increased stability features, we have two different versions of impact material. In the back a more shock absorbing and heel protecting variant with the front offering an energy return that provides more of a kickback and energy return to the strike, increasing the direction of force forward. FOCUS ON ENJOYING THE MOMENT When your feet and legs are tender, chances are that you are not really focusing on the moment. You are thinking about slowing or stopping your game. Our Padel Insoles are designed to provide you with the comfort necessary to be fully present in the moment, focused on the joy of playing padel.