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Playing Padel is pure joy and love


Are you a competitive person by nature? Do you struggle to win any contest on your way? Such people have a huge determination and enormous enthusiasm, which can help them achieve any Everest on their way. Louise @louisewendelaa, our ambassador, took up padel sport when she saw her father playing this game. The desire to beat him was mixed with a wish to play shoulder to shoulder. That’s how her story started and continues up till now. We are deeply interested in our ambassadors’ attitude towards the joy of movement and want to share it with our readers. That’s why we interviewed Louise and asked her a few questions about padel and, of course, the role of OM insoles in her life

What’s your goal behind padel?
I guess my goal is quite simple: I want to become as good as I can while still having fun doing it! 

What’s the best about being a padel player?
The best part about being a padel player is that you meet so many other people who have the same love for the sport that you have. I have got new friends and a lot of new contacts thanks to padel. It’s a very social and friendly sport. 

How did you choose this activity? What motivated you when you were choosing it?
The first time I played with my family when my dad had played padel and we all wanted to try it out. Today I play both with and against my father and it’s so much fun to see how fast I am developing as a player. The motivation? I wanted to keep going to see how far I can get. It’s just like self-investigation — thrilling and exciting. 

What physical training do you need to become a padel player?
As a padel player, you need to have quite good cardio to keep your focus and level throughout the entire game. It’s also good to have strength in both legs, core, and arms/shoulders. 

What does the joy of movement mean for you?
As for me, I enjoy almost every time I’m doing physical activity since I feel it’s a privilege to have the ability and to take care of my body. Most of the time playing padel is pure joy and love but of course, there have been some days where I’ve played so bad I wanted to throw my racket away and never play again, haha. 

How do our products support you in your work?
Since I have very high arches, narrow feet, and a pretty big size I have trouble finding the perfect fit in shoes. Luckily, the insoles from Ortho Movement have helped to get a better fit and make my quick steps on the court feel a lot better. Also, in my running shoes and sneakers, the insoles give me better support and a way comfier fit! 

What would you recommend to the people who are going to take up padel?
If you want to take up running, make sure you have the right shoes for YOU since everyone’s feet are different. I’ve worked in a sports shop selling shoes and it’s so important! Also, there are a lot of people who benefit from buying better insoles to get a better fit for their feet. And when you have the right shoes and maybe insoles, start small. Every step matters. Don’t overdo it at every run. Some should be very slow, some intervals, some long and some short. 

Find your own motivation, reason, and do it for YOURSELF. Good luck with your workouts!
Thank you, Louise, soo much for your answers and devoted time! That’s absolutely true: we have to be thankful for the ability to move and not take it for granted. Due to some facts and daily chores, we might forget about it, but your answers will serve as a little reminder to appreciate everything that we have.


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