Ortho Movement has officially partnered up with The Swedish Padel Federation in order to increase the awareness of feet health during performance activity.


Stockholm, Sweden August 5, 2020 – Ortho Movement (OM), known for upgrading footwear from inside with their activity insoles, adapt to different sports and activities, is now in a partnership with the Swedish Padel Federation (SPF). SPF is the organization that coordinate, increase awareness and improve the national Padel scene for youth, elite and everyday players, in Sweden.

– Padel is a sport that brings people together. It becomes a natural meeting place for old and new friends. Where families and friends can play and socialize. It’s also an upcoming sport with an exponential national growth. We see an increase of players, new padel halls built every week and the sport’s awareness in media is following as well with podcasts, social media and national TV streaming, says Calle Åkesson, Chief of Operations, Swedish Padel Federation.

During the last year over 300 padel courts have been built in Sweden and the weekly heavy increase of players, members and court bookings makes it uncountable, but with about 500 000 active players in Sweden.

– It is with pleasure and excitement to partner up with the brand Ortho Movement. Their expertise and activity based ‘Sport Insole’ have been tested by most of the national team players and the response have been positive, Calle continues.

Sport Insole is a hybrid insole that provides a pressure protection and align the body’s movement during sports such as Padel. It improves the comfort and upgrade the shoe from inside with support, stability and shock absorption.

– The spectacular growth of the sport is impressive, a journey were we want to contribute with our knowledge and products in order to increase the awareness of the more unknown backside of padel and most of the sports. Thus, an increased comfort and control during performance sports is essential from youth to elite and the everyday player, says Jonatan Storesund, Marketing Manager, Ortho Movement.

The partnership will support SPF’s youth initiative ‘Padellyftet’ and the national women’s and men’s teams, since these two sections of the federation is where a biomechanical and pressure protection is a key factor.

Learn more about: Ortho Movement & The Swedish Padel Federation.

Ortho Movement – Ortho Movement is a Swedish brand with more than three decades of experience and knowledge in orthopedic technology. Ortho Movement create and develop activity insoles that are adapted to the activity’s movement and pressure patterns.

The Swedish Padel Association – Our Mission is to promote and develop Swedish padel, locally, nationally and internationally. We shall be the driving force in the issues of federation development, children and youth, education, competition and national teams.

For more information & contact:
Jonatan Storesund, Marketing Manager, Ortho Movement, jonatan (@) activebrandsgroup.se
Calle Åkesson, Cheif of Operations, The Swedish Padel Federation, calle (@) svenskpadel.se

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