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About the Program
The 2021 #OMprotected program will celebrate local community members with a passion for being active in all ways, physical fitness, mental health and wellness. Ambassadors will aim to create inspiring and inclusive experiences within their community. You'll be able to develop new skills and contacts as part of our global network of Ambassadors, fans, and employees who are all focused on creating a better activity experience for everyone they meet, to feel the joy of movement. 

What to expect
As an #OMprotected ambassador, you'll be part of our team of local heroes. You'll get to try the latest Ortho Movement products and create unforgettable memories through community experiences, campaigns and events – in person and online. You'll receive your own #OMprotected outfit (tee, hood & cap) when you first join so that you always represent On when training and racing. You'll also get the activity insoles of your choice to wear for all your activities and have the chance to be the first to try new insoles and other product ranges with our test pilot programs.

The #OMprotected Ambassador Mission
Your number one goal is to get people to be #OMprotected by representing Ortho Movement and our core values to the best of your ability. You'll use Ortho Movement Activity insoles in all your workouts and share your infectious enthusiasm for the brand with your online and offline community to help us recruit new athletes and fans. Last but certainly not least, you'll help to inspire and encourage your community members to active lifestyle.

How will you do it?
The easiest way to share is to wear. You’ll automatically start to feel the stability, relief and comfort of our Activity Insoles in a way that you can’t walk, run, jump, play, kick, ski, hike without them. This will make you understand the importance of having a good pressure protection and a movement aligning-system under your foot. Your loyalty to the brand will be clear from your presence online and offline. That means you'll post regular updates on social media and introduce Ortho Movement to your team, club, training group and friends.

Apply to become an Ambassador
State your name, E-mail, telephone number as well as shoe size, delivery address, which activities and sports you perform and why you would like to become #OMprotected below.

Please note: Your application should be in English. All further communication will be in conducted in English.

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